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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nessa - Fat Mommy

Me and David recently took a little vacation to visit his family in MN. When we left for the trip I was topping the scales at 250 + pounds.

I have known for a while that I had to do something about this extra weight. As much as I would love to zap it off over night, that is not possible. Unfortunatly. I returned home weighing just under 240. When I got here, my mom had just started a diet using the Sensa program. I decided to join in with her.

I have been on the diet for about a week and a half. I am no longer starving to death, I now feel content eating the amount recommended for my body. That is an awesome achievement for me. (I thinnk so anyway) I have also reduced my dependancy on unhealthy snacks. Pop, chips, and candies are no longer my best friends.

I weighed in yesterday. I weigh 234. I am at the exact weight I was when I stepped into the hospital to deliver my beautiful baby girl. I started my pregnancy with her at 194 pounds. At the six week appointment post delivery I weighed 206. At that appointment I had a mirena implanted in me. Oops. I had the implant placed in May. By July of that year I was 230. I didn't loose any weight when the implant came out... but I only gained 20 pounds in the year since. :(

I have set a goal for myself to be at 180. So that weight is still heavy for my 5' 6'' stature, but that is where I was most comfortable at. I weighed between 170 and 180 all through highschool, and didn't get up into the 190s until I got a summer job after I graduated. (Ice cream shop, is NEVER a good place to work for a fat kid)

I have lost 16lbs since July first. So I have been losing 8lbs a month... I should get to my goal weight in 7 months if I continue at this rate. (hopefully I can speed this up some :) )

So here's my goal. I will reduce my body by 56lbs between now and my birthday January 6.

56 to go :-D

September First. Seventeen Months Old.

We have been ankle deep in potty training rituals this week! Miss Natalie has adapted her potty excellently. She went by her own free will to the potty twice yesterday. Once a pee, and the other time both a pee and a poop. She had the entire family dancing in the living room in excitement over her achievement! She loves being a big girl.

As excited as I am about having three less diapers to change yesterday, the feeling is kind of bitter sweet. My little girl is growing up. With every milestone she becomes less and less dependant on mommy, and less of mommies baby. I want so much to see her grow and do well in life... but then there is a huge part of me that wants to prevent her from getting any older.

She turned seventeen months old today! Seventeen months! She lost her belly button at seventeen days old, started army crawling at seventeen weeks old... and now at seventeen months she is trying to potty train? I know my feelings about her growing up are natural for a mother... but I want to be her mommy. I want her to need me... It's a really scary thought that one day she won't. I figure that will be around my next seventeen with her... She'll probably hate me by then. :(