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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nessa - Fat Mommy

Me and David recently took a little vacation to visit his family in MN. When we left for the trip I was topping the scales at 250 + pounds.

I have known for a while that I had to do something about this extra weight. As much as I would love to zap it off over night, that is not possible. Unfortunatly. I returned home weighing just under 240. When I got here, my mom had just started a diet using the Sensa program. I decided to join in with her.

I have been on the diet for about a week and a half. I am no longer starving to death, I now feel content eating the amount recommended for my body. That is an awesome achievement for me. (I thinnk so anyway) I have also reduced my dependancy on unhealthy snacks. Pop, chips, and candies are no longer my best friends.

I weighed in yesterday. I weigh 234. I am at the exact weight I was when I stepped into the hospital to deliver my beautiful baby girl. I started my pregnancy with her at 194 pounds. At the six week appointment post delivery I weighed 206. At that appointment I had a mirena implanted in me. Oops. I had the implant placed in May. By July of that year I was 230. I didn't loose any weight when the implant came out... but I only gained 20 pounds in the year since. :(

I have set a goal for myself to be at 180. So that weight is still heavy for my 5' 6'' stature, but that is where I was most comfortable at. I weighed between 170 and 180 all through highschool, and didn't get up into the 190s until I got a summer job after I graduated. (Ice cream shop, is NEVER a good place to work for a fat kid)

I have lost 16lbs since July first. So I have been losing 8lbs a month... I should get to my goal weight in 7 months if I continue at this rate. (hopefully I can speed this up some :) )

So here's my goal. I will reduce my body by 56lbs between now and my birthday January 6.

56 to go :-D

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  1. Good luck on your journey to better health! It's never easy, especially with kids. I'm struggling on my journey, but working to do better as of this week!