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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Earthly Baby

Anyone concitering buying diapers from this woman are hopelessly wrong. After the fire I ordered Natalie three hoping to get more in the future as Natalie most certainly needs them, but I haven't been able to afford anymore. I asked Courtney to rush them as much as she could since Natalie was in desperate need of them. I placed the order on April the 13th. Here i sit on the 4th of August still empty handed. I didn't give up on her until July 9th. I thought she would quickly refund my money so I could get Natalie more diapers... But no. No money, and No diapers.
She claims to have had to flee her husband and leave with her children, I don't see how she ended up with six kids when she had told me several times that they where yours, mine, and ours kids and she only had three of her own. She claims not to have access to her sewing supplies to ship any orders, Then on another post... She claims to be selling her sewing items to fund paypal claims stacked against her. She has built this web of lies, and some seem to be buying into it... I am not so niave. I wonder how someone can knowingly steal from other mothers and offer nothing to replenish the wrong she has done.
Am I the only one seeing the line of crap she is feeding people?
She knows my situation. She knows what happened to me and Natalie, and yet she can justify in her mind stealing 80 dollars from us? What kind of evil must a person possess to target some one in a time of need like that.
I was helping her get orders out and helping her sew. I shipped off two of the diapers I paid her to make to be snapped and have soakers applied. I guess her little girl is wearing the diapers I sewed. Something told me to keep those diapers and do everything myself... Don't know why I trusted her to send Natalie back the cupcake diapers I had reordered shortly after loosing them in the fire.
So what can be done about this? After countless e-mails she never responded too and several paypal requests for the money... Do I just give up?



    I filed a complaint against her thru IC3. It's a division of the FBI. Don't know if they'll get authorities involved but the more that report her, the more attention it will bring. Hope that helps. I've been trying to spread the word to all of the mama's that she has wronged. It makes me sick. So so so sorry to hear of your fire. What size diapers is Natalie wearing?

  2. I have filed a complaint with them aswell.

    Natalie wears large in most diapers. She is 23lbs and 29in. She is potty training though and we have had a lot of success in the past three days. I think we will be out of diapers in the next few months.